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Where CMT and Life Meet

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My name is Kenneth Raymond. I am a CMTer who was diagnosed at 29, and I received genetic confirmation of my CMT1A a year later, in 2003. My diagnostic journey is a story all too familiar. From being dismissed for making it all up, to a volume of misdiagnoses while the obvious was being overlooked, my diagnostic journey, like so many, was a long one.

I’ve made it my passion since being diagnosed to learn and absorb everything about CMT as I possibly can. I have been extremely fortunate to learn from some of the world’s most renowned CMT experts.


I am an author, a blogger, and a CMT advocate. I am equally passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned, and The Cryptid Sloth is how that happens.

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The Cryptid Sloth is your one-stop source for all things Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Home to The Cryptid Sloth Blog and The Cryptid Sloth Show Podcast, this website also boasts a comprehensive collection of all the hard-to-find information that I wish there had been access to when I was first diagnosed with CMT in 2002.


The Cryptid Sloth Blog and The Cryptid Sloth Podcast are dedicated to bringing you content on a range of CMT topics. From the latest research updates, to raising awareness for this rare disease, to what life is like living with CMT, and everything in between, the goal is to engage you in thought-provoking, informative, and immersive articles, stories, and narratives.

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Where CMT and Life Meet

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The Cryptid Sloth
Where CMT and Life Meet

The Cryptid Sloth Podcast

Whether you or a loved one are newly diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease, or you are a seasoned CMT pro, The Cryptid Sloth Show is the podcast for you.

With each episode, The Cryptid Sloth Show translates the complexities of CMT into easily relatable narratives that Kenneth presents from the patient perspective on a wide range of topics that are important to CMTers. Show guests include everybody from world renowned CMT experts, to everyday CMTers, and everybody in between.

New episodes every Wednesday. Join in, subscribe, and bring a friend or two.

The podcast page is where you'll find the show notes for each episode along with a downloadable transcript for each episode.

Doctor Diagnosis

What Is This Thing

Called CMT?

What Is CMT?

Charcot Marie Tooth disease is an inheritable neuromuscular disease, and it is the world’s most commonly inherited neuromuscular disease. Commonly referred to as CMT, the chances of inheriting the disease and how the disease is inherited are both determined by the specific genetic mutation. Currently, there are about 100 different gene mutations known to cause CMT.

CMT gets its name from the three physicians who first described it: Jean-Martin Charcot (1825-1893), Pierre Marie (1853-1940), and Howard Henry Tooth (1856-1925),  CMT is typically referred to as a genetic neuromuscular disease, and CMT affects 1 in 2500 people, or about 0.04% of the population.

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The Cryptid Sloth

Where CMT and Life Meet

Top 10
CMT Quick Facts

  1. Most Common Inherited Neuropathy

  2. More Than 100 Different Genetic Causes

  3. Affects 1 in 2,500 People

  4. More Than 3 Million CMTers World Wide

  5. Affects All Ethnicities and Age Groups

  6. Affects the Nerves that Control the Muscles, but the Muscles are not Directly Diseased

  7. Progressive Over One's Lifetime

  8. Is Not an Autoimmune Disease

  9. Is Not Acquired and Is Not Contagious

  10. Currently No Cure nor Direct Treatment

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CMT Types Catalog

A comprehensive catalog of the many types and subtypes of CMT, including the associated gene for each, its inheritance pattern, and other details that are important to CMTers but are hard to find elsewhere.

CMTer Resources Image

CMTer Resources

The Resources page is a growing list of critical resources for the CMTer and the CMTer's family, friends, and loved ones.

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Common Terms

A compiled and growing glossary of common words and phrases associated with CMT, and whose definitions and explanations are otherwise difficult to find.