Meet The Face Behind

The Cryptid Sloth

My name is Kenneth Raymond. I am a CMTer who was diagnosed at 29, and I received genetic confirmation of my 1A a year later, in 2003. My diagnostic journey is a story all too familiar. From being dismissed for making it all up, to a volume of misdiagnoses while the obvious was being overlooked, my diagnostic journey, like so many, was a long one. What's a CMTer? A CMTer is somebody who has CMT, or is somebody who’s loved one has CMT. What is CMT though? Well, I’m glad you asked.


I have made it my passion since being diagnosed to learn and absorb as much factual and evidence-based knowledge about CMT as I possibly can. Along this journey, I have developed an ability to compile complex technical data sets, and to then translate that information into easily relatable discussion. My mission is to share with you all I have learned and to share personal experiences.

Meet THe Face Behind The Cryptid Sloth.j

I have developed an equal passion for dispelling myths and misconceptions about CMT. I tackle this by getting to the intrinsic core of the myth or misconception so that its source can be fully understood. I then correct the myth or misconception by providing fact-based evidence that’s easily relatable, and I do this through raising meaningful and sustained awareness.

My style is that of an argumentative/point-counterpoint essayist storyteller. My goal is to pull you in and guide you through a smoothly flowing adventure that explores the profoundly complex world that is all things CMT, but to then render that world in easily relatable narratives that remove the veil of secrecy, and through narratives that also expose the inherent mysticism of CMT. My drive to do this from a CMT patient perspective provides a unique opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of that which is CMT.

I have a strong mechanical background, and I’m a life-long student of psychology, physics, science, and everything in between; and this shows in everything I present. In my spare time, I’m a photographer, a short-film maker, a S/fx artist, a video editor, and a 3D CGI artist. I was born and raised in the metro Detroit area where I currently live with my amazing wife who is my rock. She, too, is a Detroit native. We have five children ranging in age from 26 down to 14 — 4 daughters, and the youngest is our only son (yes, we feel bad for him). Fortunately, none of our kids have my CMT. We also have two grandsons who are going to grow up and rule the world, literally.

I'll bring you posts on a range of CMT topics. From the latest and greatest research news, to what life is like living with CMT, to raising Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Awareness,  my goal is to engage you in thought-provoking, informative, and immersive articles, stories, and news.

  -- Kenny